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annex of Airborne Museum

Airborne at the Bridge, which opened its doors on 31 March 2017 at a magnificent new location, replaces what was previously the Battle of Arnhem information centre.

Airborne at the Bridge is an annex of Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’. It was realised as a result of close cooperation between the municipality of Arnhem and the museum and thanks to financial support from the vfonds (The National Fund for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Care) and the Province of Gelderland. 

Airborne at the Bridge tells its visitors the gripping story of the dramatic events at the Rhine Bridge in September 1944. The location stands for freedom and to commemorate all those who fought for our freedom.

The hosts and hostesses can gladly provide information about Operation Market Garden and other locations related to this theme. There is also a VVV [Tourist Information Office] stand with current information about ongoing events in the city and the region.