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gebroeders kuik

This small novelle exhibition tells the story of two secondary school students, Bert and Hans Kuik, who were involved in the resistance in Arnhem during World War II.


Bert and Hans grew to adulthood during the disruptive years of World War II. As adolescents, they took part in underground activities: resistance activities during their years at secondary school and during the Battle of Arnhem.

Together with their friends from school and the Boy Scouts, Bert and Hans protested the German occupation by helping the Allied soldiers during the Battle of Arnhem. They helped various British soldiers in Sint Elisabeth Hospital escape to safety and they also helped many citizens cross the Rhine when the area was evacuated. Unfortunately, their brave efforts proved fatal.

Both brothers were posthumously awarded a sign of distinction, which can be seen in the display cases of the Airborne Museum.

The research done on the activities of the Kuik brothers cast new light on the role of adolescents in the resistance during World War II.



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