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Follow the Airborne at the Bridge scavenger hunt. Step into the tracks of Jacob, John and Viktor and discover how severe the fighting was at the Rhine Bridge in September 1944.

Airborne at the Bridge tells the personal stories of the British lieutenant John Grayburn, the German Hauptsturmführer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner and the Dutch captain Jacob Groenewoud, all of whom fought and died at this location during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. Using the information from their personal stories, you can follow the scavenger hunt in the area near the Rhine Bridge. Search for traces of war and memorial monuments as you discover what Jacob, John and Vikor experienced.

For whom?
The scavenger hunt is for children 10 years old and older.

You can purchase the scavenger hunt at Airborne at the Bridge for €1.95