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During the audio tour you’ll be guided through the museum by Frank, the batman of General Major Roy Urquhart of the 1st Airborne Division

Frank: “During Operation Market Garden, I was in this villa, which was used as the British headquarters during the Battle of Arnhem. I was his private servant. I used to wake the general up with a cup of tea, I would clean and tidy his room, polish his shoes and wash and steam his clothes. Urquhart and I remained good friends after the war and, as you can imagine, I heard and saw a good few things during my service. I am very happy to share these stories with you. I think I may have piqued your curiosity, so I shall start.

The nine days between the 17th and the 25th of September 1944 was an important period of European history. Operation Market Garden was launched with the purpose of invading Germany via Arnhem. Thousands of parachutists and airborne troops were deployed to seize important bridges in the Netherlands so that allied tanks could cross all the rivers. But was it an achievable goal? You will find out during this audio tour. Authentic objects and impressive stories will enable you to experience the Battle of Arnhem with your own eyes and ears.”

For who?
This audio tour is suitable for Dutch and English visitors aged 10 years and older. 

Duration of the tour
The audio tour will show you unique objects, each with their own story. Using audio, video and photography, the objects are brought to life. You will find numbers with each object that correspond with the tour. On average, a visit to the museum takes about 1,5 to 2 hours.

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The izi.TRAVEL app offers a free audio tour in the museum. Use of earphones is mandatory, earphones are for sale in the museum shop.

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