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coronavirus guidelines

To ensure a safe visit to the museum while dealing with the coronavirus these guidelines have been formulated. Read the guidelines before visiting the museum. These guidelines have been formulated according to the directions of the Museums Association, a professional membership organisation representing 400 museums in the Netherlands. The starting point of the guidelines are the current rules and regulations of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment for the coronavirus.


  1. Visitors are in possession of a pre-bought e-ticket which has been purchased on the website of the Airborne Museum for a specific date and timeslot. For now, it is not possible to visit the museum without a reservation. Making a reservation for a ticket with a timeslot on the website is also a requirement for those wishing to visit with a museum card or a friend membership card.
  2. Visitors arrive on time or at the earliest 15 minutes before the time on their ticket. This is to prevent long queues.
  3. A maximum of 30 people can enter the museum every hour. This to ensure that visitors are able to keep 1,5 metres distance. For now, the maximum number of visitors has been based on one visitor or one household per 10 square metres of available floorspace.
  4. Visiting the museum is not allowed if visitors have health issues such as a cold, runny nose, throat ache, cough or fever.
  5. It is only permitted to visit the museum with more than one person if they belong to the household. Accepted as household are people who live together or form a social unit such as a family, partners, or roommates.
  6. Visitors have 1,5 hours to visit the museum. Visitors are responsible for keeping track of the time.
  7. Purchases in the museum shop can only be made with bank cards.
  8. Tours, package deals and group activities in the museum will not be organised.
  9. Taking pictures or making video recordings is (for now) not allowed.
  10. Visitors will keep 1,5 metres distance to other visitors who do not belong to their Household.
  11. Follow the hygiene guidelines.
  12. Follow the instructions of employees and volunteers of the museum. They will be recognisable by their jackets.
  13. Due to the coronavirus measures, the cloakroom will not be accessible. When possible, visitors are requested to leave jackets in their car.
  14. Currently, lockers are unavailable. Large bags are not permitted in the museum.
  15. Only use the toilets when necessary.
  16. Museums are allowed to deny entrance to visitors, suppliers or employees when there are doubts about their state of health. In addition, visitors who do not abide by the coronavirus guidelines can be requested to end their visit.


  1. The entrance to the museum has been moved to the door in the middle at the back of the building.
  2. Follow the route that is indicated in the museum.
  3. Do not enter a room with more people than are allowed inside. The number of people allowed in is indicated at the entrance of each room.
  4. Visitors exit the museum through the museum shop.
  5. In the museum shop, visitors should only touch items they intend to buy.


  1. At the entrance of the museum, visitors will disinfect their hands when entering.
  2. The museum is thoroughly cleaned twice every day with special attention to hands-on elements and often touched stations.
  3. Employees and volunteers of the museum will disinfect touch-heavy areas, such as pin terminals, between cleaning sessions as well.
  4. The audio guides will be thoroughly cleaned before use.
  5. Follow the general guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment:
    1. Wash your hands after touching things in places others have been as well; 20 seconds with water and soap, dry well with paper towels or hand dryer. Dispose of the paper in a trash can. Do this before going outside, after coming home, after blowing your nose, before eating, and after going to the bathroom;
    2. Cough and sneeze in your elbow;
    3. Use paper tissues to blow your nose and dispose of these in a trash can;
    4. Wash your hands afterwards;
    5. Do not shake hands;
    6. Keep 1,5 metres distance between yourself and others.


  1. The indoor museum café is closed.
  2. The outdoor café is open permitting good weather.
  3. When using the outdoor café and the parking lot, visitors are expected to keep 1,5 metres distance as well.
  4. If visitors have left the museum (even if they are still using the outdoor café) they are not allowed to re-enter the museum or make use of the toilets.