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Now on display in het Airborne Museum: The Network

The Network offers a new perspective on the resistance activities during the Battle of Arnhem. Via special decors and audiovisual effects, visitors can experience three different stories illustrating how citizens organized themselves to combat the occupying forces. Discover who these people were, how they knew one another and how they risked their lives. The resistance activities resulted in a trail of diverse actions ranging from smuggling food for those in hiding to sabotaging railway connections and evacuating the remaining Airborne troops after the Battle of Arnhem.  At the end of the exhibition, the various links come together to form a large whole.

Year of Resistance 
The exhibition The Network was created in the framework of the thematic ‘Year of Resistance’. The Platform WO2 has designated 2018 as ‘Year of Resistance’. During this year and throughout the country, extra attention will be given to the role of the resistance during World War II as an historic phenomenon and a source of inspiration. The Year of Resistance is supported by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and by the vfonds. 

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In this ‘Year of Resistance’ there are many exhibitions and events throughout the Netherlands about the resistance during the Second World War. You can find an overview of all activities on the website of Jaar van Verzet.




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