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lecture antony beevor

In Arnhem, the battle for the bridges, British historian and master storyteller with a special interest in military and political decision making, Antony Beevor provides an extensive image of the Battle of Arnhem. He describes the unfortunate fates of soldiers and civilians and he gets rid of the myths surrounding the Battle of Arnhem using new archive material. Arnhem, the battle for the bridges appeared in 2018 and because of the successful lecture he gave in that year, Beevor will once again tell about his book on 15 September.

antony beevor

British military historian Antony Beevor studied at the Winchester College and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he was taught by Sir John Keegan. Beevor wrote many other books, including the international bestsellers Stalingrad and Berlin: The Downfall 1945. Millions of his books were sold all over the world. He was awarded for his books several times, receiving the Samuel Johnson Prize and the Wolfson Prize for History.


Date: 15 September
15.30 pm Walk-in
16.00 pm Lecture
17.00 pm Museumcafé will be open
18.00 pm End

This lecture takes place in the Concertzaal
Rozensteeg 3, 6862 DH Oosterbeek


Tickets for the lecture are only for sale online. The costs for the lecture including entrance to the museum are € 12,50. The number of seats is limited.