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The collection of the Airborne Museum focuses on three areas:

  • Unique with respect to the Battle of Arnhem (primary) and Market Garden (secondary)
  • Unique with respect to the history of Villa Hartenstein (that houses the Airborne Museum; National monument)
  • Unique with respect to the history of the Stichting Airborne Museum

The collection consists of three-dimensional unique objects, papers and audiovisual source material. The collection is the property of the “Stichting Beheer Collectie Airborne Museum”.

Unique, authentic collection

The Airborne Museum has a unique collection of authentic military and personal items from the German occupiers, the Allies and the people of Oosterbeek. The museum’s permanent presentation, the Airborne Experience and the dioramas of the British headquarters and the field hospital have been constructed almost entirely from original objects such as uniforms, emblems, weapons and ammunition, tools and personal items. The museum also has audiovisual material about the Battle of Arnhem based oral history. It also houses a large library, a documentation centre, a photograph collection and an archive (not open to the public). The museum’s collection consists of more than 15,000 objects.







In the museum there is a large display of sets of medals from soldiers and civilians of various nationalities. New medals from deceased veterans are added each year. 

Cultural-historical value
Objects, photos, sound fragments, films and personal tales are of great historical value in making the story of the Battle of Arnhem accessible to a wide audience. Here and now, but also for the generations who will follow us. We help to clarify the present and the future with lessons from the past. Visitors to the Airborne Museum experience for themselves that freedom cannot be taken for granted.

The Dutch State Art Collection
It is essential to add important objects to the so-called Dutch State Art Collection, represented here by the Airborne Museum as a formally registered museum (as such, a member of the Dutch Museums Association) and thus obliged to comply with national agreements about acquiring, managing, preserving and, in a very few instances, selectively dismantling according to the LAMO guidelines. The museum is a member of the International Council Of Museums (ICOM) and the Dutch Museums Association (NMV). It works in accordance with the ‘Code for professional museum ethics’, also with regard to acquiring objects for its collection.

Use of the collection
The Airborne Museum’s collection is available for research, and the museum cooperates in studies, publications and media presentations. Both national and foreign media often contact the museum with requests for its participation in radio and television programmes, interviews and articles. The Airborne Museum works together with regional, national and international museums (related to Word War II) in the area of loans.  

Gifts to the museum
Do you have authentic material about the Battle of Arnhem or operation Market Garden for the Airborne Museum? For questions about donating gifts to the museum, please contact our collections management department by phone (+31) 026 – 333 77 10 or via

What happens with your gift
The information about the gift is registered in a database for the future. The museum’s entire collection is often used for historical studies and for exhibitions.

Collection management
The board of the Stichting Beheer Collectie Airborne Museum consists of:

  • Margret Vincent
  • Robert Voskuil
  • Ivar Goedings

The ANBI has no remuneration policy because all activities are done on a voluntary basis. The board members do not receive any holiday benefits.

To manage the Battle of Arnhem collection that has been lent to the Stichting Airborne Museum. This policy has been recorded in a contract with the museum.

To secure the Battle of Arnhem collection, primarily to professionally exhibit it in the municipality of Renkum and to preserve the military and civilian heritage from this region.

Contact information
Stichting Beheer Collectie Airborne Museum
p/a Utrechtseweg 232
6862 AZ Oosterbeek
The Netherlands
Telephone: (+31) 026 3337710

Tax number: RSIN 819264027

Financial accountability
Is determined after the annual report has been approved.