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Stichting Airborne Museum is managed within the guidelines of the Code of Cultural Governance by means of the board-and-management model. The board consists of five members.

Board members
Cees van den Vlekkert (1947), chair, has long experience in management and marketing & sales. He worked for years in various executive positions at the ANWB, including Assistance (Road Services), Travel, Retail and Marketing & Sales.

Adelheid Ponsioen (1954), treasurer, was for many years the head of operations at the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum and a regional director at Connexxion.

Fokelien Renckens-Stenneberg (1948) was the director of the Zaans Museum & Verkade Pavilion at the Zaanse Schans and the Czaar Peterhuisje from 2001 to 2014. Prior to this she worked for 17 years at the Zuiderzeemuseum as a project manager for presentation and education in the open-air and indoor museums.

Ivar Goedings (1968) studied law in Nijmegen and then worked at a large insurance company. Since 2004 he has been a lawyer and mediator with a focus on company law and labour law.










The organisation of the Airborne Museum and Airborne at the Bridge consists of a staff of eight people.

Sarah Heijse  

Tim Streefkerk  
Collection & Research

Annemarie Hartgers  
Operations & Management assistance

Hans Bruinzeel  
Education & Presentation

Natalie Rosenberg  
PR & Marketing

Roland Boekhorst  
Collection & Facilities

Hedwig de Jong  
Museum shop & VVV

Anne Baukje de Jong  
Sales & Customer relations


The Airborne Museum and Airborne at the Bridge together have about 100 active volunteers.

Thanks to their efforts, the museum and its annex can welcome large numbers of visitors, groups and schools daily.