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Stichting Airborne Museum is managed within the guidelines of the Code of Cultural Governance by means of the board-and-management model. 

Board members
Fred de Graaf (1950) chair, was mayor of Apeldoorn from 1999 to 2011 and in addition he was a member of the Upper House from 2003 to 2015. In 2011 he took over the presidency. In this position he also served as President of the United Assembly of the States General. In recent years De Graaf was very active within the commemoration field, including as chairman of the Stichting Musea en Herinneringscentra 40-45 and in 2018 as chairman of the Platform WO2.

Adelheid Ponsioen (1954), treasurer, was for many years the head of operations at the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum and a regional director at Connexxion.

Ad van Liempt (1949) is a journalist, author and programmer. Among other things, he was chief editor of the TV program NOVA and editor-in-chief of the history program Andere Tijden. He has written numerous books on historical subjects, especially on the Second World War.

Cees de Monchy (1950) was a partner in the legal and notarial field, first at Nauta Dutilh and from 1992 at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. He was also a board member of a large number of cultural foundations. He is currently a director and supervisory director of various companies and professional foundations.










The organisation of the Airborne Museum and Airborne at the Bridge consists of a staff of eight people.

Ronnie Weijers 

Stèphanie Vermaten
Operations & Management assistance

Jori Brentjes
Collection & Research

Susan Rijke
Collection registration and conservation

Lisa van Kessel
Education & Presentation

Yvette Polman  
PR & Marketing

Hans van Mierlo

Anne Baukje de Jong  
Sales & Customer relations


The Airborne Museum and Airborne at the Bridge together have about 100 active volunteers.

Thanks to their efforts, the museum and its annex can welcome large numbers of visitors, groups and schools daily.