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The Airborne Museum is an active cultural organisation that enjoys working with private individuals and companies to pass on the story of the Battle of Arnhem.

For example, with new exhibitions, each of which illustrates the Battle of Arnhem from a different perspective and connects the past to the present. Support from friends is very important to this effort. Do you also think it’s important that this significant chapter in history continues to be told? Then become a donor!

Become a donor

Support the museum with an annual donation of €29.95 and receive an Airborne subscription that gives you a year’s free admission to the museum plus the temporary exhibitions and events. You will also enjoy a 10% discount in the museum shop (not applicable to books) when you show your subscription pass. Children can also become a donor for €17.95.

You can request a donor form in the museum shop in the Airborne Museum or by completing the form ‘I support the Airborne Museum’ and mailing it to: In the museum you will immediately receive a personal pass that entitles you to free admission to the museum for one year. The pass is personal (non-transferable) and includes your photo, your name and the expiry date. The donor pass is valid for one year.

Donor Airborne Museum
Adults €29.95
Children €17.95

Why become a donor?
Your contribution will help the museum to continue to develop sustainably so that we can tell our story to future generations. As a donor you receive:
– Free admission to the museum for one year
– a 10% discount on articles in the shop (not applicable to books)

Two months before your donor period expires, you will receive an e-mail asking if you want to prolong your donorship. If so, a new pass plus invoice will be sent to your home address or the amount will be debited from your bank account.

Information about the terms and conditions of being a donor including the Airborne subscription can be found here.










Het Airborne Museum has been designated as a cultural ANBI.

This means that the Airborne Museum is exempt from taxes on gifts and legacies so that your gifts fully profit our cultural goal.

Monetary gifts
Would you like to make a one-time donation or donate for a longer period? Your gift can be deducted from your taxed annual income. Your gift can be earmarked for the museum in general or for an exhibition. For more information, please contact the director via (026) 333 77 10 or

Giving an object
Objects, photos, recordings and films are of great historical importance. These objects and personal stories make the Battle of Arnhem in the Airborne Museum accessible to a wide public. Here and now, but also for the generations who come after us. We are very grateful for gifts in the form of unique three-dimensional objects and paper/audio-visual material related to:

  • the Battle of Arnhem (primary) and Market Garden (secondary)
  • the history of Villa Hartenstein (in which the Airborne Museum is housed; a national monument)
  • the history of the Airborne Museum Foundation

Donate material to the Airborne Museum?
Please do not leave material at the museum’s reception desk. We would appreciate it if you would make an appointment with our curator via (026) 333 77 10 or by sending an e-mail to