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Take a walk in the surroundings


The area around the Airborne Museum is well-known for its natural beauty and rich history. Combine your visit to the museum with a walk through the beautiful forests.

a walk along the perimeter

Follow the trails of the allied forces. The walk along the perimeter mainly follows the front line of the allied bridgehead in September 1944.

This walk takes you along a couple of spots that serve as memorial places of this black period in our history. The route can be walked with a museum guide or you can walk on your own. A route description is waiting for you in the museum! 

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Airborne cemetery

The Airborne Cemetery is a war cemetery where more than 1750 allied troops are buried. All of these troops died during or after the Battle of Arnhem.

It is possible to visit the cemetery with a guide. The cemetery is located in walking distance from the Airborne museum. The guide will tell personal and gripping stories of the mostly young soldiers that died during combat. Who were they? And what did they experience during the heavy battle? A visit to the Airborne Cemetery brings the Battle of Arnhem to life in an impressive manner. Of course you can also visit the Airborne cemetery on your own. The walk from the museum to the cemetery takes about 15 minutes. A map and a route description are waiting for you in the museum!

Address: Van Limburg Stirumweg 28, 6861
WL Oosterbeek

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The creators of the so-called ‘’Klompenpaden’’- Erfgoed Utrecht landscape and Stichting landschapsbeheer Gelderland – want hikers to be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Strolling through the meadow, discovering little shortcuts, a cup of coffee at a local farm. Enjoying the fresh air and peacefulness of the area. Put on your wooden shoes and backpack and commence your hike! Discover the diverse landscapes around Oosterbeek with the Rosandepad hike. Observe the forest hills and fast-flowing water streams through the eyes of a Oosterbeek painter. Stroll through the Rosande floodplains and the enormous estates.

The Rosandepad is 13km and starts at the Airborne Museum. The brochure containing the route can be bought in the museum for €2.

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NS-hike Hemelse Berg

This route combines natural beauty and the Battle of Arnhem. 

It starts with villa Hartenstein, the headquarters of the British army during the Battle of Arnhem. You will be reminded in different ways of what happened in this part of the Netherlands during the years 1940-1945 along the way. After that, you will pass the Hemelse Berg with a beautiful water stream, the English houses in Heveadorp, Duno estate, and the Westerbouwing overlooking the river. You will have to enter the floodplains near the little church of Oosterbeek. Finally, Mariëndaal estate and the city centre of Arnhem. There are different routes: 5,7 and 15 km.

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The Airborne march

The Airborne march is the world’s biggest one-day memorial walking tour.

This Battle of Arnhem 1944 walking tour takes place every year on the first Saturday of September in Oosterbeek. Different routes can be walked, diverging in distance. Be sure to march along some day, it is an unforgettable experience! Would you like to walk one of the routes on an other day? Check out for more information.

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