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Take a walk along
the Perimeter

Walk in the footsteps of the Allies
and discover the beautiful perimeter walk.

During this 8 kilometer walking route, our guide will take you along the defense line around Oosterbeek during the Battle of Arnhem. In this area the British and Polish troops held out for nine days under constant German attacks. In addition to impressive locations and historical events, discover personal stories of civilians and soldiers who were present in these places during the battle.

The perimeter walk takes you past places of great battles, minor suffering and courageous actions, past old estates, former emergency hospitals and traces of the war that are still visible.

Available on request
The perimeter walk can be guided in Dutch and English and takes about 2 hours. It is, however, also possible to make a more extensive walk. In that case, we can adjust the walk to your own wishes. A perimeter walk can only be booked on request for € 12,50 per person with a minimum of four participants.