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A Bridge Too Far: from Storyboard to the Silver Screen

Lights, Camera, Action! German officers silently get into their vehicles on the south side of the Rhine. John Frost is warned and rushes outside to a sheltered spot overlooking the Rhine Bridge. The German vehicles drive slowly up the bridge. Everyone waits in suspense. Then the gunfight begins. Just like then.

A Bridge Too Far, a 1977 classic war film, was one of the most expensive and complex film productions of our time. Director Richard Attenborough wanted to make the film as realistic as possible and went to great lengths to achieve this. For an entire generation, A Bridge Too Far became the film that introduced them to the history of Operation Market Garden.

From storyboard to the silver screen – discover what went into one of the film’s most impressive scenes. Come to Airborne at the Bridge to admire original props, discover what went on behind the scenes and see the never-before-seen storyboard.

In hopes of blessing, he throws this notice together with a second letter from the train for transport to Germany. Almost miraculously, the letters reached their destination.

This exhibition can be seen in Airborne at the Bridge.