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The  Airborne Museum offers various unique activities to enrich your museum visit. Additional activities range from a boat tour to interesting lectures by best-selling authors. Several ideas can be found down below.

a walk along the perimeter

Follow the trails of the allied forces. The walk along the perimeter mainly follows the front line of the allied bridgehead in September 1944.

This walk takes you along a couple of spots that serve as memorial places of this black period in our history. Our experienced guide provides background information on the events that took place in September 1944, while showing the traces of battle that are still visible after 73 years.

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Airborne Cemetery

The Airborne Cemetery is a war cemetery where more than 1750 allied troops are buried. All of these troops died during or after the Battle of Arnhem.

It is possible to visit the cemetery with a guide. The cemetery is located in walking distance from the Airborne museum. The guide will tell personal and gripping stories of the mostly young soldiers that died during combat. Who were they? And what did they experience during the heavy battle? A visit to the Airborne Cemetery brings the Battle of Arnhem to life in an impressive manner.

Address: Van Limburg Stirumweg 28, 6861 WL Oosterbeek

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Airborne at the bridge

Airborne at the bridge provides information about the heavy battles at the Arnhem Bridge in September 1944. 

Accompanied with a phenomenal view of the world famous John Frost Bridge, Airborne at the Bridge tells the personal stories of the British lieutenant John Gayburn, the German Hauptsturmführer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner, and the Dutch commander Jacob Groenewoud, who fought and died during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. This gives you an opportunity to experience the battle from three perspectives. Airborne at the Bridge is an annex of Airborne Museum Hartenstein in Oosterbeek.

Open every day 10.00 – 17.00. Entry is free.
Address: Rijnkade 150, 6811 HD Arnhem

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Airborne boat tour

A boat tour along the Battle of Arnhem hotspots is a great experience!

Make a boat tour with colleagues, friends, or the whole family and experience the Battle of Arnhem from the famous The Rhine river. Our guide will pleasantly tell you all there is to know about the Battle of Arnhem.

Available for bookings from April until October.

For who
Groups ranging from 6 until 20 persons.

The Airborne boat tour takes about 2 hours. It can be extended with a visit to the Airborne at the Bridge. The boat tour leaves from the Heveahaven.

From € 23,50 per person. Contact us for more information.

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