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The Airborne Museum receives many international visitors every year and works closely with several tour operators.

The Battle of Arnhem, an important event in our collective history, has had a major impact on months of the Second World War that followed. The story of the Airborne Museum is therefore an important part of the Dutch cultural heritage.

At the Airborne Museum, stories of British, Polish, and German soldiers come to life, as do narratives of Dutch civilians. The museum shows a large collection of historical objects, weapons, documents, films, and photographs. Listening, looking and experiencing are central to every visit.

In addition to the versatile historical collection, the Airborne Experience is a unique addition to the museum. In the Experience you enter the battlefield and experience the Battle of Arnhem. The Airborne Experience is a recipient of the Gouden Reiger, the Dutch award for exemplary projects in target audience communication with audio-visual and interactive media.

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Entrance fees
The museum has an attractive entrance fee for tour operators of €8,50 per person. Moreover, the driver and tour guide will be given free entrance, if they have been registered in advance. This fee is only applicable when reservations have been made in advance. You can make a reservation by sending an email to For more information on collaborating with the Airborne Museum, please contact Anne Baukje de Jong via or 085-4857828.

Audio tour
The Airborne Museum offers a free multilingual audio tour available in Dutch, English, Polish, and German. At the entrance you will be given a Podcatcher. This is an interactive audio device with which you can listen to 60 clips with personal stories or in depth information. We are especially proud that the audio tour has been voiced by Ad van Liempt, Boris Lange, Antony Beevor, Matthias Strohn and Iwona Maczka! You can choose which clips you want to listen to. There is also a children’s tour with puzzles and assignments. During this tour children will explore the museum and get to know everything about the Battle of Arnhem.

The duration of a visit to the museum averages 60-90 minutes.


  • Wheelchair-friendly exhibitions
  • Accessible toilet
  • Free manual wheelchair loans
  • Assistant dogs allowed
  • Lift 

The museum is accessible to visitors with limited mobility.

Touring cars can park for free across the street on the Oranjeweg.
Did you know that the Airborne Museum can facilitate group transportation? Please contact us for more information.

There are multiple ways to include food and drinks in your visit. Please contact our booking department to discuss the possibilities at









Opening hours
The Airborne Museum is open 7 days a week from 10.00 – 17.00. When booking for a group it is possible to reserve a visit outside of opening hours. Please contact our booking department for possibilities and costs at

The Airborne Museum offers images for publications that would like to promote a visit to the museum. Click this link to download the images in high resolution.

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